Stella Dictator

Stella Dictator

The Stella Dictator was one of the first of our freeride skateboards.  We wanted a name that would mimic the board’s aggressive lines and how it would put you right where you needed to be – The Dictator worked well.

stella-dictator-template img_3880

With the help of our team riders I laid out the shape digitally.  Once we got the uncut molds, I measured it out onto the boards and (crudely) cut the basic shape out for the riders to test.  After a few tweaks, the board shape was solid.  The artwork style was a no-brainer in my opinion.  I used inspiration from Russian propaganda war posters and put my own spin on it.

As far as marketing, I was set to create an ad for a Concrete Wave Magazine issue.  I came up with the idea to have the board in a war-torn setting.  With a little dirt and some fire arms paraphernalia, I set up the shot in our warehouse and added some final touches in post-production.  Click on the first image above to view the ad and board in detail.